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Here is a glimpse of my work as a craftsman


I come as a stylist of light to dress it in the most beautiful pageantry

to enhance your interior.


It must be underlinedner


2 characteristics of this clean confection

to   Habit of Light :

1. No machine is used to glue the lampshade to the carcass.

Most marketed lampshades

are mass-produced by machine,

the goal being to sell at the lowest price.

The advantage of manual crafting is 

on the one hand, the use of raw materials

(polyphanes, fabrics, papers, glues  etc...)

bigquality made to resist over time 

and on the other hand, more accomplished and sober finishes

and finally, of course, the character of a unique piece

and customizable as desired.


          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_           _cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  2. the fabric is rolled up by hand on the metal structure

and not using   self-adhesive fabric strips

  visible at the top and bottom of the lampshade

creating extra thicknesses,

which is often the case

in most lampshades

mass-produced or for   supermarkets:  

which weighs down the whole thing.

Hand finishing allows for neat finishes

and gives the lampshade all its finesse and elegance.

It is therefore initially

to offer you the design of your future lampshade

so that it fits harmoniously into your interior,

in the sought-after style, at the foot of the lampshade and to your taste...

the most important being that you like my realization . 

The structure   is made according to my sketch and my measurements  

by a professional carcasser

dont  is the exclusive job.

Then you have to dress the carcass

in a traditional way in my workshop

by combining color and material for the most beautiful effect;

from laminated to sewing, the possibilities are numerous.


Next comes the choice of material.

including the favorite ones

are, among other things, natural materials

such as linen, cotton, silk, chintz or organza.

I also work on various papers

including Japanese paper

which is very durable and

which gives a beautiful light


More than 500 references for fabrics

and 6 different colors for the polyphanes.

 Fabrics from several renowned manufacturers

will be offered to you.

The final touch, 

braid, soutache and various customizations,

will come to give the originality of the object.


4 main techniques are used, namely:

    1.The laminated lampshade:polyphane, a flame retardant PVC,

serves to diffuse evenly the light and

to stiffen the fabric of the lampshades

  is stuck on the fabric;

its color, white, transparent, golden, taupe etc...

is very important

on effect from light

and on the style sought as

an intimate, warm, modern atmosphere

or a more industrial design etc...

    2. Couture lampshade: more complex,

its realization consists in stretching directly

the fabric on the carcass and sewing it by hand:

lampshades arepleated, gathered, stretched, skirted,

some creations may require

up to 15 hours of work.

    3.The semi-couture lampshade: compromise

between seam and bonded

which gives a very nice sewing effect

by the technique of panel lamination.

    4. The calligraphy lampshade: The quote,

the poem, the lyrics of a song,

the first name of your choice handwritten in pen

directly on white paper of course, 

free of acid and optical brighteners

for optimal preservation

et   whose composition 100% cotton

makes it very durable.

It must be emphasized that the light

that stands out through this paper

gives your interior a warm atmosphere

and incomparable intimate. 

The script chosen will be the Chancellor or the Round

in the color that best matches your interior.


Dress of Light

with passion, patience and precision








Neat finishes

of the






fabric references





Choice in thedressing






Choice in
the dressing





fabrics of a grande qualité 




your interior
détail de finition soignée du rembordeme

Lampshade's job 

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