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portrait créatrice-abat-jour-lampes-personnalsés

"Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder"
               Oscar Wilde

About Christine De Clercq, Lampshades maker

Nothing is more trendy than the  manual trades that make the difference  in a world where everything is accelerating and where nothing lasts, we never have so much felt the need   to bring his personal touch to his interior.

I have always been amazed by what unique craftsman hands can shape and by the pleasure that creation brings, my life path has constantly brought me back in this direction even if at the start I wanted to do my university studies. in economics (IAG); at the same time, I took courses in drawing, painting, framing, cardboard, calligraphy... but this led me more recently to specialize in the lighting arts, by following training with a French lampshade, is the desire to learn a professional technique to offer a tailor-made object that has a better chance of meeting the taste specific to each and each interior, which is both useful and   decorative object.

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