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      _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_  SUSPENSIONS

Choose the style of your suspension and the color as well as the type of fabric according to your interior and your personal tastes.

 TAll dimensions can be adapted. All our models are made to measure.

300 fabric references are available, 30 of which are represented on this site.

Suspension moderne
LEGATO model
suspension moderne Legato

Rectangular suspensions all in sobriety.

Also available in a   square shape or in  trapezium.

Single, double or triple suspension.

Dimensions in cm:

Abat-jour : L 30  x l 15 H 21 

suspension ajourée très originale.jpg

This conical suspension is very modern due to its undressed spaces  due to this special fabric which is also visible both outside and inside thanks to the choice of transparent fireproof polyphane

Dimensions in cm:

bottom diameter 50 x  H 30 

Suspension originale
Suspension bicolore
suspension bicolore.jpg

This large suspension is original due to its conical shape but above all  due to its different exterior and interior covering: bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

outer fabric  (velour)

Dimensions in cm :

diameter 100 x high diameter 80 x H  35 

Model WALK
suspension charme.jpg

Cylindrical hanging lamp in embroidered linen 

Dimensions in cm:

Diameter 45 x H 40 

suspension fond diffuseur.jpg

Cylindrical suspension with a diffuser base covered with fireproof polyphane covered with a fabric that optimally diffuses the light

Dimensions in cm:

Diameter of 90 x H25 

Autres dimensions : diamètre de 50 à 100 x H de 20  à  50 

BOLERO model
suspension et son fond diffuseur



Cylindrical suspension

Dimensions in cm:

Diameter  65  x H 25_cc781905-5cde-31936_bad5bb3b

Suspension contemporaine
Suspension romantique
Suspension personnalisable
SONG model
suspension avec un fond intégral

Calligraphic suspension

Dimensions in cm:

Diameter 70 x H 40

The script of your choice may be the round script (modern straight)  or the footmuff as shown here (slightly slanted script)

Choice of the writing color(s) according to your interior

Choice of a soutache or braid highlighting the curve of the lampshade as shown ici

RONDO model
lampe suspension ajourée.jpg



This cylindrical openwork suspension gives a beautiful effect once lit.

Dimensions in cm:

Diameter of 50 x H 40 

Suspension ajourée


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